Bedroom Furniture

Discover the Serenity of Bedroom Furniture at Home Decor Indonesia

Welcome to Home Decor Indonesia, where our bedroom furniture collections are designed to create a haven of comfort and style in your private sanctuary. Our bedroom furniture offers a blend of contemporary design, quality craftsmanship, and international flair, making us one of the most sought-after bedroom furniture shops.

What Do We Offer?

Beds and Headboards: Discover a variety of bed styles, including luxurious upholstered headboards and sturdy wooden frames, embodying the essence of Indonesian bedroom furniture.

Chest of Drawers and Dressers: Keep your bedroom organized and pretty looking with our exquisite collection of chests of drawers and dressers. Each piece, available in a diverse array of designs, seamlessly blends functionality with style. Elevate the elegance of your bedroom while enjoying a clutter-free environment with our meticulously crafted storage solutions.

Nightstands: Complete your bedroom set with our elegant nightstands, perfect for keeping your essentials within reach and out of sight.

Makeup Tables: Experience the perfect blend of style and convenience with our makeup tables. Designed with your needs in mind, these tables not only enhance your bedroom’s look but also streamline your daily routine. Visit us to explore our collection and find the ideal makeup table that brings ease and elegance to your beauty rituals.

TV Cabinets: Elevate your bedroom entertainment experience with our beautifully crafted TV cabinets. Designed with a perfect balance of contemporary elegance and practical functionality, these cabinets offer a sleek, space-saving solution for organizing your media essentials while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

Bed Benches: Add a touch of sophistication and convenience to your bedroom with our elegant bed benches. Perfect for the foot of your bed, these benches not only provide a chic seating option but also serve as a practical space for laying out tomorrow’s outfit or storing extra blankets. Our collection features a range of styles, from modern to classic, all crafted to complement your bedroom decor while offering an extra layer of comfort and luxury.

Why Choose Us

Exclusive Collections: Our bedroom furniture collections are curated to offer unique and stylish options.

Quality Assurance: We pride ourselves on providing high-quality Indonesian bedroom furniture that stands the test of time.

Customizable Fabric Options: Dive into a world of choices with thousands of high-quality, ready-stocked performance and designer upholstery fabrics. Tailor your upholstered beds, bed benches, and bedroom sofas and chairs to perfectly match your taste and functional needs.

Affordability: Despite our focus on quality, our bedroom furniture is affordable, offering great value for money.

Online Convenience: Our bedroom furniture online section allows you to browse and buy from the comfort of your home.

Visually Stunning and Harmonized Showroom Experience: Experience our visually stunning and harmonized showrooms, offering bedroom sets that are coordinated and thoughtfully put together, creating a complete interior story.

Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes us one of the best bedroom furniture stores.


Discover the difference with Home Decor Indonesia. Our unique bedroom collections blend contemporary design with enduring quality, making your bedroom not just a space, but a sanctuary of style. From luxurious upholstered beds to sleek TV cabinets, each piece promises both elegance and functionality at an affordable price. Experience the ease of customizing your choices to reflect your personal style and enjoy the convenience of our online shopping. Choose Home Decor Indonesia, where your taste and comfort shape the bedroom of your dreams. Your dream bedroom awaits. Call us.